Geography Club offering extra experiences for passionate students

Saaud Zuberi, News Desk

March 17, 2013

Normal Community now has a Geography Club. Mr. Suess started the club earlier this semester because students in his AP Human Geography class “wanted to create a club that could do more with what we were learning in class”. He acknowledged two students in particular, Ellery Fry (12) and Alex Prus (11). Unlike most clubs, Geography Club doesn’t compete in anything like bass fishing or Scholastic Bowl, or create anything like the Drama or Film clubs. Every meeting is simply an opportunity to learn more about a subject that the members are interested in. Recently,...

Stick it to Bollmann

Saaud Zuberi, News Desk

January 24, 2013

Principal Bollmann decided to surrender his dignity for fundraising. On December 14th, Mr. Bollmann let students duct tape him to the wall on the outside of the elevator in the atrium during the lunch periods in order to raise money for After Prom. Students paid $1 for a foot of tape or $5 for six feet. Everything below his shoulders was fair game to get taped to the wall. The idea originally came from the parent of a junior class board member. Mr. Bollmann said that he was on board as soon as he heard about it. He could only think of one potential problem. "I doubt...

Diabetes at NCHS

Morgan Goeken

December 2, 2012

According to a May 2012 TIME Magazine article, diabetes affects nearly 1 of 4 U.S teens.  This is a disease in which your body does not produce insulin and your pancreas just simply doesn’t function.  Because of these issues, diabetics have to count every carbohydrate that they eat and take insulin based on how many carbs they are consuming. As you can imagine, this can be extremely time consuming and stressful.  Going to high school every day can make managing diabetes a little more difficult because along with all the normal stressors and drama of high school, ...

High School Drama

Morgan Goeken

December 1, 2012

High school drama.  Something that all students in this building are familiar with.  Some are involved in more than others, but one thing is for sure, everyone is bound to experience drama in one form or another before they finish high school. Rumors, relationship problems, friend issues -- all of these are ways that students experience drama.  Rumors spread like wildfire here are Normal Community High School.  There are so many things spread throughout the day students and teachers literally do not know who or what to believe at the end of the day. Rumors can...

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