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Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Benson Boone: ‘American Idol’ exit to excellent EP ‘PULSE’ [review]

“Writing music and inspiring people is my passion, it’s what I love to do,” Benson Boone said in October 2023. Two years ago, the TikTok star turned ‘American Idol’ drop out wasn’t so sure. Photo Courtesy: WB Music

It was Valentine’s Day 2021 when Katy Perry fell in love with Benson Boone during the 18-year-old’s audition for the nineteenth season of “American Idol.”

Boone would punch his ticket to Hollywood, with judge Perry predicting to the up-coming singer, “I see you winning American Idol if you want.”

And then, just like that, Boone was gone from ABC’s airwaves–withdrawing from the competition.

Boone didn’t seek out “Idol.” The show’s producers sought him out, discovering his TikTok account, which today has over 4.9 million followers.

“I was going to college, and I wasn’t thinking of music as a full-time career, but I was posting videos on social media of me singing,” Boone said. “They saw my videos and asked me to be on the show.”

But Boone’s heart wasn’t in it. 

“Everybody on the show wanted to [make] music; they had been waiting for this moment their whole lives,” Boone said. “And I did not feel that way,” Boone said.

Boone, in his “Idol” audition, revealed he had just begun to sing a year earlier. Music wasn’t his lifelong dream; it was a new passion and, perhaps, a passing one.  

 “I didn’t want to get locked into something I was unsure about,” Boone said. “So I stepped away from the show to see if I wanted to write music and try my stuff.”

Boone, now 21-years-old, isn’t just trying. He is succeeding. 

With his vocal energy and piano skills, Boone is emerging as a rising pop star with his latest release, “PULSE,” a five-track EP. 

Boone’s musicianship demonstrates remarkable maturity, versatility and vulnerability from someone barely old enough to buy a beer, which hints at his potential as a pop star.  

The EP is rife with infectious melodies and Boone’s trademark powerhouse vocals, delivering introspective lyrics. 

That is the singer-songwriter’s strongest skill, the ability to craft intimate, almost diaristic pop songs. 

These songs are “definitely more me,” Boone said in a press release. “I’m testing new waters and loving it. This is where I am now.” 

“PULSE” opens with the single “Sugar Sweet,” a tone-setter with its upbeat production and infectious energy. Produced by hitmaker Jason Evigan, the track sees Boone parting ways with a toxic relationship, infusing honesty and insight into its catchy melodies. 

“It’s got a really sassy vibe,” Boone said. “I wanted to write a song with tempo and rhythm. I’m going to enjoy performing this one.” 

“Sugar Sweet” is an infectious pop anthem, but that isn’t what Boone does best. The artist is at his best when he delves into deeper introspection with tracks like “What Was” and “Little Runaway.” 

These songs offer a glimpse into Boone’s personal experiences and emotions, demonstrating his ability to connect with listeners on a level surprising for someone who sang his first note just four short years ago. 

Boone first stepped in front of the mic as a high school senior in 2019. His friends had entered a Battle of the Bands, and Boone agreed to play piano for the group. 

When their frontman backed out at the last minute, Boone stepped up.

“I didn’t know I could sing,” he said. “But it just kind of worked.” 

And it still is working. 

Boone’s authenticity and down-to-earth approach are refreshing in an industry often characterized by artifice. His pop songs feel authentic and intimate, at times contemplative and evocative.  

“It feels natural to write melodies that are on the sadder end of the spectrum,” Boone said. 

“What Was” is a prime example, showcasing the rising star at his most vulnerable. 

“It’s a very reflective song,” Boone said. “It’s about wishing you could start over again and change your past, or perhaps change the way you treated someone.” 

Boone’s songs about breakups, loves lost and relationships gone wrong offer a lot to love. 

With the release of new single “To Love Someone,” a full-length debut album on the way, and an upcoming tour on the horizon, Boone is certain to capture more hearts in the coming months.  


Discover more about Benson Boone at bensonboone.com

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