Geography Club offering extra experiences for passionate students

Normal Community now has a Geography Club. Mr. Suess started the club earlier this semester because students in his AP Human Geography class “wanted to create a club that could do more with what we were learning in class”. He acknowledged two students in particular, Ellery Fry (12) and Alex Prus (11).

Unlike most clubs, Geography Club doesn’t compete in anything like bass fishing or Scholastic Bowl, or create anything like the Drama or Film clubs. Every meeting is simply an opportunity to learn more about a subject that the members are interested in. Recently, the group has been focusing on North Korea. They Skyped with an Amnesty International official regarding the country on Wednesday, March 13. On Monday, March 18, the club will screen a film in the auditorium at 2:40 p.m. about a young man’s escape from North Korea.

The club focuses mostly on “political and urban” geography, with both international and local interests. While currently focused on North Korea, Mr. Suess is planning a trip to Uptown Normal “to see the redevelopment work that has been done in the past few years”.

The club is open for anyone to join. They meet once a week in room 10. The day of the meeting varies, but Mr. Suess puts it in the announcements a day or two in advance.