No mixed emotions: 20 picks for the perfect love song playlist

Feb 14, 2023

Once upon a time, to make someone a mixtape meant hours of dedication — waiting in front of the radio for a certain song to come on, pressing record just after the opening notes played, inevitably cutting off a few seconds of the song. Each song was unique — intros clipped, the DJs voiceover bleeding into the first moments of a track — the mixtape was special.

Napster, Limewire and CD burners simplified the process.

Today, Apple Music and Spotify have transformed what was once a labor of love into less of a Herculean task.

Still, the act of carefully curating a playlist for someone — these are the songs that remind me of you, these are our songs, these are songs I want to share with you — is an intimate action.

In the February edition of the Inkspot magazine, Tyler Chapman and Marielsie Iglesias penned a playlist of their top 10 love songs — breaking down just what makes the tracks special to them.

Give their playlists a spin here.

Tyler’s Top 10 Love Songs

Marielsie’s Top 10 Love Songs

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