Things seniors still do not know after four years of high school

Olivia Nelson, News Desk

May 7, 2013

During my past four years of high school, I have learned many things that I will take with me as I complete my future endeavors. However looking back now, I have come to realize that there are multiple things that I’m sure many seniors still do not know. Although this list is a silly one, I would like to know the answers before completing high school. The value of x. What the lunch meat is made of? What a student has to do to qualify to get the “cool” student parking spot? Why we have to pay $60 every year for a parking permit (the price is ridiculous)? ...

Mama exceeds viewer’s expectations

Olivia Nelson, News Desk

February 5, 2013

Mama isn’t the classic horror film that many would assumed it was going  to be. Going into scary movies, viewers tend to expect excessive blood and gore. And although the movie does deliver some of these aspects, Andy Muschietti, the director seems to want the viewer to have a better understanding of the movie and does a great job doing so. The movie starts out with the father murdering his wife and mother of his children, Victoria and Lily.  The father then kidnaps the girls; speeding on a snowy highway he loses control, which sends them over a small slope....

Heartland helps guides seniors on path to success

Olivia Nelson, News Desk

January 21, 2013

Heartland Community  College (HCC) is providing nine one-hour college GPS (Guided Path to Success) workshops for seniors. Workshops begin January 16th and will continue on Wednesday nights through March 13th from 3-3:30. Students will gain expert coaching and building essential study and life skills while earning a college credit for free. The college credit can be transferred to any community college or university of the student’s choice. The nine workshops consist of targeting success, motivating self, becoming an active student, mastering time management, improving ...

ASC helps students achieve independence

Olivia Nelson, News Desk

December 17, 2012

This year NCHS decided to add a new program in order to help students. Over the summer administration visited other high schools throughout Illinois.  They found that most of the schools have student support centers. The Academic Support Center (ASC) was put in place to help guide students to academic independence. The ASC provides support for students in the “transformation period,” for example helping seniors who are graduating cross the bridge between high school and college. “In college you’re a lot more independent. Students don’t get grades sent...

iPop for a cause

Olivia Nelson, News Desk

December 2, 2012

Every late start Wednesday, with the help of others, Nicole Rixstine (12) sets up her popcorn stand, iPop, in the front atrium during the lunch hours. Rixstine sells popcorn for a variety of charitable causes - supporting families whose homes have been damaged by fires, fundraising for St. Jude’s and helping pay for the travel expenses to and from Peoria for a student who has medical issues. In the future, the iPop staff plans on raising money for students with diabetes ,for a student whose sister has cancer and needs to go through chemotherapy. As well as, benefitin...

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