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Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


The perfect Mother’s Day gift: Insights from Community’s staff moms

The second Sunday in May, a day circled in bright red ink on the calendar–Mother’s Day: a day dedicated to honoring and celebrating mothers.

While Mother’s Day is a heartwarming occasion, it can also be a source of stress for sons, daughters and partners as they hunt for the perfect gift.

Roses or tulips? Lindt or Ghirardelli chocolates? Perhaps both? Neither? 

A handmade or store-bought card? 

Choosing the right Mother’s Day gift can feel like a monumental task. After all, it’s about finding that one item that encapsulates a year’s worth of love and sacrifice a mother makes. 

What gift, if any, can accomplish this, and is it something moms really want? 

To shed some light on this annual dilemma, the Inkspot turned to the moms on Community’s staff, asking for their insight on what constitutes the ultimate Mother’s Day gift and which ones are best left on the shelf.

Mrs. Pam Witzig, art teacher

Children: Ben (23) and daughter-in-law Lizzi (22), Grace (21), Nate (17) & Lily (15)

Witzig’s Ideal Gift:  Anything her children put some thought into. 

The art teacher said, the best gifts consider what would make life easier for her or her hobbies. One thing Witzig really loves to do is spend quality time with her family. Having the whole family together is one of her favorite ways to spend Mother’s Day.  

Favorite Past Mother’s Gift: Last Mother’s Day, the Witzig family got paint-by-number kits for everyone, painting together sitting around the table, with even Mr. Dave Witzig participating.  

Flowers or Chocolates: Witzig prefers flowers, her go tos are tulips or any you can plant.



Mrs. Jenn Giermann, counselor

Children: Amira (13), Charizma (12) & Kylie (11)

Giermann’s Ideal Gift: The artsy, homemade ones that her girls have thought about, putting time and effort into them. 

Favorite Past Mother’s Gift: A finger-painted canvas with the word “mom” on that hangs near the door of her office, Giermann said, is one of her most cherished past gifts.  

Flowers or Chocolates: Giermann would pick flowers, she said, that can go in the ground and bloom, rather than “just a bouquet that is delivered and ends up dying.” 




Mrs. Margarita DiVita, Family and Consumer Sciences 

Children: Leah (13) & Jenna (11)

DiVita’s Ideal Gift: Anything that shows her daughters know her likes and interests–a gift card to a coffee shop or restaurant she likes.

While these are nice, the gift DiVita looks forward to the most: her annual homemade Mother’s Day card. 

Favorite Past Mother’s Gift: DiVita’s daughters make her a personalized card every year that share two of their highlights from the year. Divita loves getting this, she said, because she never knows what her daughters are going to write about.

Flowers or Chocolates: Wildflowers, DiVita said, because of the different colors and textures.



Mrs. Becky Conley, support staff

Children: Bri & Alyssa (20)

Conley’s Ideal Gift: Anything with a personal connection or meaning, whether that be a homemade gift, flowers for her yard or cleaning a room in her house, Conley appreciates anything from the hear. She doesn’t believe you have to spend money for it to be a great gift.

Favorite Past Mother’s Gift: In 2020 during COVID, Conley’s twins gave her a manicure and cooked her favorite meal. What made the day so special, Conley said, was that the three spent quality time together the entire day. 



Mrs. Kate Lawrence, math teacher 

Children: James (14), Claire (10), John (7), Grace (6) & Michael (3 months)

Lawernece’s Ideal Gift: Books and coffee; or something that isn’t tangible, an act of service like breakfast in bed or spending family time together.

Favorite Past Mother’s Gift: One Mother’s Day, Lawrence’s kids made poetry books for her. When her son James was in second grade, he wrote his mom a Haiku that read: 

flowers are blooming

flowers blooming in the sun

students are learning 

She’s loved the gifts from the heart that display how observant her kids are. 

Flowers or Chocolates: Lawrence would prefer Dove chocolates, she said, because of the message on the wrapper. 

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Ali Ince, Staff Writer
Ali Ince is a senior at Normal Community High School who runs track and cross country and plays basketball. She is also the treasurer on the Student Council and a huddle leader for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This is her first year on the Inkspot as a staff writer.  
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