ASC helps students achieve independence

This year NCHS decided to add a new program in order to help students.

Over the summer administration visited other high schools throughout Illinois.  They found that most of the schools have student support centers.

The Academic Support Center (ASC) was put in place to help guide students to academic independence. The ASC provides support for students in the “transformation period,” for example helping seniors who are graduating cross the bridge between high school and college.

“In college you’re a lot more independent. Students don’t get grades sent home to parents, they’re living on their own and students don’t really get one on one time with teachers. The ASC helps them gain the independence needed for college,” says Principal Mr. Dave Bollmann.   At the ASC students can get assistance on homework, study for upcoming tests and catch up on missing assignments.

The good thing about the ASC is that it’s open to any students throughout the school day. However, the downside is that if a student doesn’t have a study hall it may be hard to find the time to come in and get help.

“ I certainly believe that it [ASC] helps students out a lot especially when they come in more often,” says ASC Advisor, Ms. Alex Henkels.

Starting next semester the ASC will be open to students after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:15 p.m. for those who do not have rides, the late bus will take them home. In addition to after school help the ASC will also offer peer tutoring.  So far the ASC is going great. The school strives to find better ways to help students aviate for themselves and the ASC serves as a good start.

The ASC can be looked at as the DIY of schoolwork.  Students should really take the initiative and get the help that the ASC is offering.