New year, new classes


Starting in the 2014 – 2015 school year, the change in classes will be dramatic, some of the classes that have been available previously may be altered or are may no longer be available . There will be changes in the Physical Education department, the Science department, and the Math department. There will also be new dual credit classes available.

Starting this year, incoming Freshmen were required to take Foundations of Fitness.  This course gives an overall idea of PE activities. Students will be learning about the 5 components of fitness and will be using the FITT formula. This class also contains written work, and learning how to take a heart rate. “Students will learn not only how to play the sports but how to make healthy lifestyle changes throughout their lives”, said Mrs. Ewalt, the head of the PE department.

The ideas taught in Foundations of Fitness will be brought in through two new PE classes.  One of the new classes is Fitness and Sports (previously Team PE). This class is practically the same class as Team PE, but instead the focus will be more on learning fitness and less on learning the sports themselves. Some of the sports included in this class are softball, soccer, Frisbee®, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and hockey.  The other new class is Lifetime Fitness and Exercise (previously Individual PE). Still having the same ideas of individual sports like tennis, Frisbee®, badminton, eclipse ball, and hockey, this class will also be focused on fitness and learning sports one will play all of their life.

The Science department is going under changes as well. There will no longer be a Biology Two, but there will be a new class called Molecular and Structural Biology. In this lab based class, students will be learning about genetics and anatomy. Replacing Environmental Science will be Environment Earth. This class will be optional to take as a dual credit class, or a regular credit class.  Mr. Paglucia a Science teacher, comments on the new classes; “The new classes are still being developed. The Science department will be meeting to talk about them over the summer.”

Heartland Community College has waived the Dual Credit fee, beginning next school year. “Dual credit classes will no longer cost students anything extra,” said Guidance Counselor, Mr. Short. There will be a variety of History, English, Science, and Math classes to choose from.  The variety of courses includes two new classes, Exploring Math, which is only for seniors, and Environment Earth. Exploring Math is a computer-based class, that heartland uses for students who still need basic math skills. Upon completing the class, students can receive a three-credit voucher at Heartland Community College only.

Be prepared for many academic changes next school year.