Favorite features of the new Apple update

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  • Sydney Monroe (12) says, “I like the invisible text, balloons, confetti, and fireworks that you can send in text messages.”

  • Jonah Beer (10) says, “It is fun to send text messages different ways.”

  • Leighanna Rutledge (9) says, “I like the digital touch because it’s different and new. My favorite is the heart.”

  • CJ Wilbourn (10) says, ”I like the update screen, and the notifications.”

  • Kacie Twyford (9) says,” So far it’s the iMessage update because there is a lot of new thing you can do with it.”

  • Jada Johnson (12) says, “I like how you can draw pictures in the text messages.”

  • Gage Gadberry (11) says, “My favorite feature is sending effects in text messages.”

  • Krishna Patel (10) says, “I like how you can search pictures in text messages. It makes it easier.”

  • Alex Klosterman (12) says,” The new music update because it is easier to understand and easier to find music. I switched to Apple Music from Spotify.”

  • Kennede Haynes (11) says, “When you send your message you can send it with confetti and other screen effects.”