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Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Valerie Bushue

Valerie Bushue , Staff Reporter

Valerie Bushue is a Sophomore at NCHS she is apart of  the NCHS girls tennis team, a member of the FFA organization, and applying for the PAC. She is a first year staff reporter of the Inkspot.

What Inspires Me

Oddly enough rejection inspires me, I love it when others tell me I’m incapable of doing something. This inspires me to prove them wrong it gives me a challenge that betters me as an individual. It doesn't matter how far you fall it's about the changes and the journey you make to redeem yourself and climb to the top.

 A book that moved me

Surprisingly a book that moved me was Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. Despite the guts and gore of a zombie thrill, Warm Bodies really focused on the ethical issue of how our society is so materialistic, how everyone should enjoy each other's presence even if they're strangers. How we should respect and learn about other individuals before we denounce them with unpractical and unfair reasoning. This book opened my eyes and made me realize how text savvy, if you will the 'new age' generation is. How life's beauty is being thrown away, how our generation is so caught up in 'drama' or 'things that matter.'


I like a variety of things. I adore to be thrown in brain boggling situations. I like to be the outstretched hand to take. I like to encourage others and be their foundation. Most importantly I like to be the optimistic light in a pessimist world.

Best Advice

The most spectacular, best advice I have ever acquired is 'If there's a will there's a way.' To never take no for an answer. To keep your mind and options open, take every opportunity. To be in control, and have the power to change your life for the better. To always keep a smile, even when you truly have a frown.

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Winter dance abruptly cancelled

Valerie Bushue, Staff Reporter Jan 12, 2014

The winter dance which was scheduled for Saturday, December 14th in the Illinois Wesleyan ballroom, from 6 to 8 pm, was cancelled due to low-ticket sales. Several students questioned in response to the dance's cancellation agreed with the Joel Long's(10) statement: “The dance was too close to finals.” Dyuthi...

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Fanny Pack Friday

Fanny Pack Friday

Valerie Bushue, Staff Reporter Nov 27, 2013

“'Fanny Pack Friday' is a day that we celebrate the most fashionable accessory known to mankind - the Fanny Pack.” Mr. Pat Lawler, a social studies teacher of NCHS explains. Lawler relayed the history of "Fanny Pack Friday", “It started when I showed a corny two-minute video to my U.S. History...

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Inspiration at NCHS

When asked, students and teachers responded excitedly with a variation of inspirational figures.
Valerie Bushue, Staff Reporter Sep 20, 2013

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