Fanny Pack Friday

“’Fanny Pack Friday’ is a day that we celebrate the most fashionable accessory known to mankind – the Fanny Pack.” Mr. Pat Lawler, a social studies teacher of NCHS explains.

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Patrick Lawler, Social Studies teacher, poses with his fanny pack.

Lawler relayed the history of “Fanny Pack Friday”, “It started when I showed a corny two-minute video to my U.S. History students. The video had an individual wearing a fanny pack, suspenders, and enormous glasses. The next day, a few students dressed up like that individual. I then made an off-hand comment that every Friday should be “Fanny Pack Friday”. A few upper classmen heard this suggestion and decided to run with it.”

Seniors Giles Roll and Alex Prus support and participate in Fanny Pack Fridays, “the celebration”  is gradually spreading to the sophomore class with participants Katelin Dirr, Whitney Ruso and Shubhang Desai.

Roll expresses that “Fanny packs are the next big thing!” Lawler agrees – “Not to mention, it is just downright fun to participate in the day.”

To better express and promote “Fanny Pack Fridays”, NCHS will be selling Ironman themed fanny packs available to the student body. The fanny packs will be available sometime later this school year. The price for one fanny pack is estimated to be around $5 – 10.