Winter dance abruptly cancelled

The winter dance which was scheduled for Saturday, December 14th in the Illinois Wesleyan ballroom, from 6 to 8 pm, was cancelled due to low-ticket sales.

Several students questioned in response to the dance’s cancellation agreed with the Joel Long’s(10) statement: “The dance was too close to finals.”

Dyuthi Arella(9) agreed: “Although it would have been fun and a nice break from school, it would have taken time away from studying for finals.” Arella addressed the benefit of the dance, but arrived at the same conclusion as Long.

Senior Georgia Myers explained why she did not purchase a ticket for the event, “It was horrible timing. The end of the semester is a terrible time for a big event. Teachers are assigning big projects and final study guides at the same time.”

Besides the untimeliness of the dance another factor could have impacted the lows sales which Myers said was “poor advertising.”

“Advertising should run at least a month before the event. When you don’t start until two weeks prior, people can’t request off of work in time, they’ve already made other plans, Also, posters need to be bright and eye-catching distractions throughout the school, on lockers, everywhere!”

When the students were asked about their feelings on the collaboration of West and NCHS there was positive feedback from the students.

 Ginny Gerig(10) said, “It would be a nice opportunity to see old friends from junior high.”

Alison Arms(11) said, “Yeah, I’m for it. I think it’s a good to see the friends we haven’t seen for awhile from junior high.”

As noted before, the date of the event seemed to have a strong influence on the ticket sales, and from the student’s point of view advertising may have also played a role in the low sales.