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Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Brandi Zimmerman

Brandi Zimmerman, Staff Reporter

Brandi Zimmerman is a senior at Normal Community High School.  She is a staff reporter for the Inkspot for her second year in a row and favors her piece covering last year's senior prank.


The Best Advice I have Ever Gotten:

was "Don't let the crap get you down."  One of my favorite teachers here at NCHS told me that when I was going through a difficult time last year and it truly inspired me.  It was said in a little more explicit words, but it is still a phrase I hold to my heart.  It just shows that some teachers do care, and some really know how to help students.

My Favorite Film:

Perks of Being a Wallflower or the X-Men series.

Favorite Song:

"Somewhere in Neverland" by All Time Low


"Running Out of Time" by Simple Plan


All content by Brandi Zimmerman
Courtney Bennett on stage performing her comedy.

Courtney Bennett: “I see everything as comedy”

Area student shifts studies toward comedy
Brandi Zimmerman, Staff Reporter Feb 4, 2015

The arts are often a route that many teenagers fail to pursue as a path that will lead to a viable career. Within the arts, further underrepresented by teen voices is comedy.  Courtney Bennett has been digging into comedy since junior high.  She described her fascination with the art blooming once...

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Austin Bloom (12) carrying a boombox into the bathroom

Seniors plunge into bathroom party prank

Brandi Zimmerman and Ashley Kennedy May 27, 2014

After senior pranks that seemed to fall a little flat (students parking in the staff lots or protesting in the atrium by not going to class) the senior class of 2014 was going to make sure that they were not forgotten. In the boys' bathroom located in the connecting hallway between the junior and...

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Leave out the litter

Leave out the litter

Brandi Zimmerman, Staff Reporter Jan 29, 2014

The state of Illinois passed many new laws impacting all age groups which went into affect at the beginning of January.  Many of the laws are more popular and well known, such as the tanning law that prohibits teens under eighteen from tanning, or how you can’t talk on your phone anymore while driving...

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Area teens struggle to find jobs

Brandi Zimmerman, Staff Reporter Jan 12, 2014

As teens start to reach the legal working age of 16, more and more of them are out scouting for potential jobs to earn some money, whether it be for extra cash or help pay the bills. However, it is getting progressively more difficult to find a part time job,  especially in a college town. It’s...

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Holiday lights in Uptown Normal

Holiday lights in Uptown Normal

With the holiday season beginning, Uptown Normal shows it's cheer with decorations around the area.
Brandi Zimmerman and Ashley Kennedy Jan 12, 2014

The holiday season brings about some of the most festive decor around town. Families drive around to witness the spectacle of lights and flashing decorations in people's yards, on their homes, and around the city. Uptown Normal is celebrating the holiday season by displaying lights throughout the...

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Course for collision?

A look at issues in the student parking lot
Brandi Zimmerman, Staff Reporter Dec 3, 2013

As the clock ticks closer to the late bell at 7:15 every day, it’s easy to see long lines of cars filled with impatient students  eager to get into the parking lot. With six hundred and eleven students occupying passes, the parking lot is a crowded and a potentially dangerous place.  The rush before...

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*Other included Metalcore, Classical Orchestra, Dubstep and Trap

Popular genres of music at NCHS

Ever since administration lifted the ban on music during school, NCHS students have been able to enjoy listening to their favorite bands and artists. A poll taken over 3 days displays the popular and diverse genres of music displayed at NCHS
Ashley Kennedy and Brandi Zimmerman Nov 26, 2013

Teens will agree with the statement that music is very important in their lives.  This is especially prevalent with students at NCHS. During Battle of the Bands, NCHS’s musically talented displayed their love for music and performed songs. Many students participate in band, choir, and orchestra,...

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