Ben Wylde

Ben Wylde, Chief Opinion Editor

Ben Wylde is a senior at NCHS that plays baseball and basketball and is a member of geography club and I-club. This is Ben’s third year as a journalism student and is likely to be the chief opinion editor this year for the Inkspot.

Biggest Pet Peeve

The biggest peeve I have is when I have a teacher that is writing on the board with short sleeves who also is not working out their triceps and when he/she writes on the board the droopy unused tissue flaps back and forth.

Slogan to Live by

The slogan I live by is, "Rock the boat, don't rock the boat, baby. Rock the boat, don't tip the boat over."

Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is the Carnitas Nachos dish at Fiesta Ranchera (which is not on the menu) that tingles my taste buds and soothes any discomfort I may have.

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Ben Wylde