Grant Donath: Meathead of the Month

These last few weeks of basketball season, take a closer look at senior Grant Donath. While he may be the point guard of them team and one of only three seniors on the team, there is far more to him than meets the eye. Grant is a 17 year old student here at NCHS and recent winner of the Meathead of the Month award. Grant won this award for his combined efforts in soccer and football where he played as the team’s kicker. Sure, you could go look up his statistics for the seasons, but there is far more than that when it comes to Grant.

When asked which of the sports he enjoys more Grant replied with “I have such a long history in soccer and football is still kind of new to me. I think I will have to go with soccer, there is just something about it that keeps me wanting more.” And boy has Grant pursued “more.”

His basketball coach and NCHS Social Studies Dave Witzig states that Grant separates himself from other athletes with his work ethic.

“What separates Grant is that after practice he rides the bike in the cardio room for 14 miles.” This award didn’t just happen, Grant has put in hours upon hours to be able to be recognized as the Meathead of the Month.

He is going to have to continue putting in those hours next year as Grant will be pursuing playing football in college and not soccer. So far, his soccer career has lasted 14 years while his football career is a relatively short three.

“I plan on playing football, I am a person of change and I feel like I am making the right choice. I will either attend North Central College or Missouri State University to kick” Grant states.

Those are just his athletic interests and pursuits, there is still more about Grant which makes him an even more interesting individual. He plans on majoring in chemistry and minoring in environmental science when he gets to college. When asked what he likes to do outside of school and sports he replied with “hanging out with my friends and making lasting memories!”

Grant’s senior football teammate Miles McReynolds says that he and Grant often play 2K (basketball) and watch college basketball together.

“I’ve known Grant for eight years and remember meeting him at Karnival Knight back in elementary school at Northpoint. He’s an athletic, funny, and extremely funny guy” says McReynolds.

So even though Grant is a rare three-sport athlete at NCHS, which requires “a huge time commitment” as Coach Witzig describes, say hello to him. Even though there is all this going on in his busy life, you can still find Grant holding doors for people constantly within the school.