Madrigals returns in-person [photo gallery]

The 21st annual Madrigals holiday performance returned live on Friday, Dec. 3 and Saturday, Dec. 4.

With COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting food service, tickets for the Chamber Choir and Madrigal singers’ Christmas concert were $5, their lowest price in years.

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  • Tim Schill (’22) and Jackie Speirer (’22) played the roles of the event’s “jester” and “wench,” entertaining the audience with humorous skits and speeches between songs.

  • The “jester” and “wench,” the event’s hosts, read the extensive list of rules that audience members must abide by, including that “guests must take care as to not spill their drinks or thou shall have several years of bad luck,” and “guests must refrain from flirting with the wenches.”

  • Schill holds up five fingers as the choir sings the “five golden rings” lyric in “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Schill and Speirer, the madrigal “wench,” acted out each of the twelve days in a theatrical performance accompanied by the choir.

  • Schill and Speirer act out the “partridge in a pear tree” line as the choir sings “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Select members of the madrigal choir were assigned solo parts for each line of the twelve days.

  • The “jester” and “wench,” along with the members of the madrigal choir, lift their medieval tankards in a toast. Guests were offered a glass of wassail (apple cider) when entering the event to participate in the toast. Following the toast, the madrigal choir sang “Gloucestershire Wassail” and “Wassail Song.”

  • Ivy Goeckner (’22) sings a solo during the madrigal choir’s performance of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

  • Sophia Hartke (’25) and Maddie Chapman (’25), joined by the “jester” and “wench,” entertained the audience with “Ye Old Consumer’s Tome,” a “medieval infomercial” between musical performances by the madrigal choir.

  • The court singers performed “Christmastime” and “Russian Dance” following the “Ye Olde Consumer’s Tome” infomercial.

  • Ivy Goeckner (’22) sings a solo during “Rise Up, Shepherd!” Ian Kuhlman (’22) and Amelia Lau (’22) also performed solo parts during the gospel piece.

  • Kevin Nguyen (’24) and Lily Mavros (’24), members of the court singers, perform “Russian Dance,” an upbeat acapella choral.

  • The madrigal singers performed “In These Delightful Pleasant Groves” in a call-and-response manner, with singers split between two sets of risers at opposite ends of the stage.

  • The madrigal singers perform a choreographed English madrigal adaptation of The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe,” prompting laughter from the audience.

  • The court singers lined the walls of the dark auditorium, each with their own candle, while the madrigal singers performed “Silent Night” on stage.