Sam Scheltens

Sam Scheltens, Staff Reporter

Sam is a senior at NCHS, and is involved with marching band, Film Club, and the spring musical when it rolls around. He is a staff reporter for Inkspot. 

When are you most comfortable? I tend to be most comfortable after a nice cup of coffee, especially in my pizza pattern sweatpants. In the dead of winter, I find that all of it becomes 1000 times better. Maybe mix some hot chocolate in my coffee, that sounds good too.

Book that moved me Cujo by Stephen King was an emotional ride for me. The mental struggle of Cujo - who he knows he is versus what the rabies tells him to do was very heartfelt, because the audience couldn't stop him. Many of the other characters struggled financially, with adultery, with abuse, and other human conflicts.

Biggest pet peeve People who can't drive worth a hoot. Like seriously, the DMV needs to make licenses harder to get or something, People can not drive around here. I never know whether I will make it to school or back home on any given day.

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Sam Scheltens