NCAA March Madness mascot bracket

With the Final Four taking place this upcoming weekend, Inkspot staffers decided to complete a bracket of their own based on which teams’ mascot would win in a head-to-head brawl.

These picks have nothing to do with players, coaches or the team itself – they are strictly based on the threat potential of each team’s mascot.

For matchups where teams had the same mascot, preference was given to the higher seeded team.

Here is a breakdown of the Elite Eight, Final Four, and championship matchups.

Elite Eight

Duke (Blue Devil) v. Belmont (Bear) 

Winner: Belmont

A blue devil is a person and a person (even the devil) would be no match for a bear.


Baylor (Bear) v. Nevada (Wolfpack) 

Winner: Nevada

There would be just too many wolves for one bear to handle.


Kansas State (Wildcat) v. Cincinnati (Bearcat) 

Winner: Cincinnati

Cincinnati wins because Bearcats are very aggressive and they’re bigger than a wildcat.


Auburn (Tiger) v. Houston (Cougar) 

Winner: Auburn

Auburn wins because tigers are bigger, have stronger jaws, longer claws and teeth than a cougar.


Final Four

Belmont (Bear) v. Nevada (Wolfpack) 

Winner: Nevada

Too many wolves for one bear to handle.


Cincinnati (Bearcat) v. Auburn (Tiger) 

Winner: Auburn

Once again tigers are too big and strong for a bearcat to defeat.



Nevada (Wolfpack) v. Auburn (Tiger) 

Winner: Nevada

Nevada won because a wolfpack can consist of up to 15 wolves which would easily overpower a single tiger.