Pancakes vs. Waffles

Pancakes and waffles, both delicious breakfast favorites, so similar, but yet so different, have been squaring off for as long as they have been around. Which one has the upper hand? Obviously there are devoted and loyal people to each pastry that will defend their choice admirably, but let’s lay down some facts.

Pancakes, cooked the traditional way are more delicate than the opposing waffle. These fluffy hot cakes require more attention from the cook and this is so due to the different cooking style of pancakes. The traditional griddle technique is a favorite of many, however; you can prepare your pancakes in the oven by baking them. These silver dollar sized delights are traditionally softer, denser, and heavier than waffles. Pancakes also allow for more creativity in cooking breakfast. Everyone remembers their first Mickey Mouse pancake and how it made breakfast that much cooler and exciting. I must confess that I am indeed a pancake advocate and if I could, would have at least three pancakes every morning to start my day. However, we also need to hear from the opposition.

This breakfast item that is far more airy and crunchy than the pancake is also a favorite of many and boasts its own unique attributes: the waffle. I must confess that the waffle is far more versatile than the pancake. It can hold far more toppings and syrup. The waffle may appeal more to the sweet tooth’s out there, with the capability of holding many toppings the waffle can create a decadent banana split, a melt-y, warm, hot fudge breakfast, or perhaps a sugary s’mores paradise (I’ll give you a second to wipe the drool from your chin).

Despite our best efforts, the pancake vs. waffle debate will continue to divide breakfast tables for all eternity. So next Sunday morning, take your time, prepare a large breakfast, and do yourself a favor by cooking one of these delightfully delicious foods.