Course for collision?

A look at issues in the student parking lot

As the clock ticks closer to the late bell at 7:15 every day, it’s easy to see long lines of cars filled with impatient students  eager to get into the parking lot. With six hundred and eleven students occupying passes, the parking lot is a crowded and a potentially dangerous place.  The rush before and after school doesn’t just cause traffic to get backed up, but for many tempers to run high.

There are multiple problems with how the flow of cars travel through the lot, but the most recent problem that has been identified is in the morning; students will pull in the exit instead of the entrance to try and avoid being in line.  One of the many problems with this is that it has almost caused collisions with the cars trying to leave the lot.

During the Thursday Crushing a few weeks ago, Mr. Bollmann even announced how dangerous driving through the exit could be over the intercom.  It was emphasized very clearly that driving through the exit could result in injuries.

Jake Stille(11) commented on how he doesn’t drive to school on a regular basis, but when he does he sees issues with the system that is set up right away.  When asked if the parking lot is safe and maintained, he replied “No, you cannot enter the exit.  They’ll wreck if they keep it up.”

Other issues that have been witnessed are driving over the speed limit, cutting inline without looking to see if the other cars will stop and flipping other students off.

For improved safety some students have suggested authority figures should help monitor the back ups that occur in the morning and afternoon when school is released.  Students are encouraged to be patient and follow the rules while driving in the parking lot before and after school.  All students that drive in the lot should participate in these rules since it will lead towards a safer and more easily maneuvered parking lot.