New school schedule

Three months of summer vacations is the oasis high school students look forward to all year. In contrast to that paradise, the school year is a long, stress-filled stretch. Instead of having a three-month break, and a nine-month school year, the breaks from school should be more spread out.

Schools in different European countries follow this type of system, with approximately four six weeks on school, followed by two weeks off consistently throughout the year while still having about one-and-a-half months of summer vacation. This system would still allow the normal amount of days devoted to curriculum, but relieve the students of the “grind” school can be. Sometimes two days isn’t enough for a student to rejuvenate from the week and get back in the driver seat for another five days.

A system like this would also reduce the urge for seniors to skip school days. Knowing that you have a two-week break at the end of every six weeks would counter the laziness of high school students.

Whether or not you agree with this new alternative school calendar, it sure is a mix up from the original, and everyone is getting at least just a tad bit sick of the current system.