Longing for a tangible paper

This may be the most ironic article ever written. Every day in homeroom, I pick up a newspaper and read through it, something I know not many students do in this school. The reason they don’t pick up The Pantagraph or an issue of The Chicago Tribune is because they can’t relate or aren’t interested in the stories. That’s why we’re here. The student paper is by students and for students.

Unfortunately, this year we don’t have a hard copy newspaper to offer the school. There’s something just so much more rewarding about having a tangible newspaper in your hand. Maybe I’m just a sentimental man living in a digital and detached world, but I’m accurate in saying that the majority of the school read The Inkspot when it was still a hard copy (and a lot more than read it now).

I know the chances of getting the money to produce printed copies of the paper are slim, but I can dream.

This is strange because students don’t seem to be taking to the new online paper. While this generation has gladly taken to the digital world, it seems that they still appreciate a tangible copy.

We all know the district has bigger things on their plate, but if they do receive money and are able to fund the newspaper, it would definitely increase the number of readers in the school.