Locker rooms need to be locked

Locker rooms need to be locked

Nearly all of us leave our backpacks on the floor in the locker room, visible and vulnerable to others while we go to P.E. Recently, there have been some disturbing and disgusting happenings in the locker rooms, and especially in the boys’ locker room.

Locking the locker rooms while the P.E. class actually participates between changing times would help solve the possibility of theft and prevent gross high school boys from enacting one of  their appalling, immature plots.

I am on the basketball team, and whenever we travel for away-games, the other school’s athletic director locks the locker room for us, because our bags are out in the open, much like here in our own locker rooms. I assume their main focus is to prevent theft, but why can’t we lock our own locker rooms here during school? There is no need for someone to go back into the locker room unless they forgot something, and if they did, the teacher would just have to unlock the doors once and then get back to class.

Also, during P.E. we are not allowed to use the restrooms in the locker rooms. By locking the locker rooms we could stop students from using those restrooms as well.

This is a solution that we have at our disposal right now and are easy to put in action. There is nothing we need to pursue or add to reduce the chances of theft within our school. Locking these doors can help control the grotesque nature of high school boys. However, the locker rooms will always smell terrible, have some sort of drink from the lunchroom dried up on the floor and have prison shower rooms. Those are just things we are going to have to accept and live with.