A break from devices

While our personal devices provide information, entertainment, and social interaction, it would be beneficial for students our age to take a day or two off from using them. It has been said that our generation is losing the ability to effectively interact face to face because of our attachment to personal devices. Doesn’t it seem rude to constantly have your eyes and attention glued to a phone? Unfortunately, it seems our generation has become too reliant on our devices.

As a generation, we should take time once in a while to take a break from our dependence on technology. I urge you to go two days without using your devices. As much pleasure as these devices can bring, they can also bring incredible amounts of stress. It’s far more rewarding and relaxing to not have to worry about something you usually do.

According to cnn.com text messages sent in the U.S. were up 33% in 2010 from 2009, which suggests a trend that has most certainly increased over the past couple years. Experts say that it could be time to take a break from the technology and reassess.

We are not completely dependent on the internet and our devices. True, theses things bring us fantastic stories of creativity, innovation, and the human spirit. However, these stories of the human spirit and creativity stem from our interactions with other humans face to 0face. As much as the devices relax and numb our minds, it creates a gap in human interaction and shows an extent of rudeness.