New English courses


Writing for the Opinions section of the newspaper is a lot of noticing issues at NCHS. However, it’s easy to spot progressive changes for the school. Over the past few years at NCHS the English department has had many course changes, particularly classes for some underclassmen. As you climb the metaphorical steps at NCHS on your way being an upperclassman, you’re allowed more choices for courses each year, the strictest year being freshmen year. However, more courses at the honors and AP level are being offered as an option earlier to underclassmen.

For example, Honors English Literature will no longer be offered at NCHS, but there is the choice of AP English Language and Composition for juniors.  There are also the options of Honors English I for freshmen and Honors English II for sophomore students.

“I think it gives students an advantage earlier on for more challenging they might take later on,” said Anna Heideman(10).

This is a great step for the English department. There is the option to take honors science and math classes during underclassmen years, adding English to that list is a great thing. Since English is the course that is required by most universities to be taken all four years of high school, it’s important and pleasing to see that honors classes will now be offered for underclassmen.

Recently, change has been a wonderful thing for our school, and this is another example of positive changes we have been a part of. Offering these new honors and AP classes to younger students only increase their opportunities within the high school, and better prepare them for their experiences beyond NCHS.