Sole searching: Exploring the Crocs craze

The Inkspot investigates the footwear frenzy
In honor of Croctober the Inkspot investigates the Croc fashion phenomenon. 
Promotional Image // Crocs Inc.
In honor of ‘Croctober’ the Inkspot investigates the Croc fashion phenomenon. Promotional Image // Crocs Inc.

They’re colorful, they’re customizable, they’re comfortable–and controversial.

We’re talking Crocs–the rubbery, crocodile-shaped clogs that have captured the hearts (and feet) of millions around the globe.

The Inkspot is diving headfirst into the world of Croc Nation in honor of Croctober—a month-long extravaganza of all things Crocs culminating with National Croc Day on Oct. 23 and the release of Crocs Classic Cowboy boots.

The Inkspot staff took to the halls, asking students and staff, “What’s the deal with Crocs?”

Our investigation of Croctober, seemingly just some random marketing ploy, revealed a passionate fan base, one serious about their rubber shoes.

Sink your teeth into the Inkspot’s Crocs coverage as we step into Croc Nation, a diverse, trendsetting community redefining what it means to be fashionable, one taking Crocs from basic clogs to a canvas for self-expression and owning it.

Buckle up as the Inkspot learns what makes Crocs fashionable, unlaces the stories behind students’ Jibbitz collections, explores the coolest Croc styles, and even getting insight from a Croc-wearing teacher.

We’re here to answer the burning question: How did Crocs become the unlikely fashion statement of a generation?

So, stick with us as we break down the phenomenon of Crocs in all its rubbery glory.

Rockin’ Crocs? The Inkspot asks ‘What makes Crocs cool?’ [video]
A Q&A with Croc Connoisseur: Mr. John Bergmann
Bergmann shows off his classic Crocs in celebration of National Croc Day. Teaching in Crocs lets Bergmann maximize his comfort, proving his motto: “Happy feet, happy person.” (Bella Green)

Mr. John Bergmann, Science department chair, has been a member of Croc Nation for over two decades.  


Q: How long have you been wearing Crocs, and what drew you to them?

A: 20 years at least, I started wearing them because [in] my first and second year teaching, there was a math teacher here with whom I shared an office.

He told me one day that every day after school, he had to sit in a chair with his feet up because his feet hurt so badly from wearing dress shoes.

I decided right there that that was not going to be me.


Q: How many pairs of Crocs do you have? 

A: I think I have 11 pairs of Crocs right now.

Three of them are like dress shoes Crocs. They look like dress shoes, but they have very comfortable soles.

I have one pair of what I call fuzzy Crocs, two pairs of rain Crocs, as I call them, that don’t have holes in the toes.

And maybe six pairs of the traditional with the holes. I wear those ones quite a bit because they put the holes in there because that’s where your dignity seeps out.


Q: Have you ever received comments from students or other teachers about your Crocs?

A: “Absolutely, and all positive. In fact, one class a few years ago gave me a quart-sized Ziploc bag that was filled with Jibbitz.”


Q: What would you say to those who question Crocs’ fashion appeal?

A: “I don’t care. It’s all about functionality.

If fashion can be functional, then fine. But if it can’t, functional trumps fashion every time in the world of Bergmann.”


Q: Do you prefer to wear your Crocs in ‘sport mode’ or ‘comfort mode’?

A: “I prefer to wear them in comfort mode, but anytime we’re doing a lab in my class, it’s very important to have them in sport mode, or as I call that turbo mode.

I prefer comfort mode, but there are times when it has to be sport mode.”

Croc Couture: Community sounds off on Crocs [video]
Step Up your Crocs IQ

Test your Croc knowledge with this 10 question quiz


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10 Total Questions

Jibbitz on exhibit [photo gallery]

The Inkspot interviewed members of Croc Nation about their Jibbitz, the charms that can adorn the shoes 13 ventilation holes.

Check out the photo gallery to hear why these teens find these charms so charming and share the stories behind their Jibbitz.

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  • For Lexi Clark, female empowerment “and empowering voices of those who don’t have the option to is very important,” the sophomore said. “That’s why I have these Jibbitz,” Clark said, who chose to decorate her shoes with Jibbitz that convey social change. “I have this [Jibbit] from my cousin. She has her own business where she [advocates for] Muslim kids to play sports because sometimes they’re not able to,” Clark said.

  • Alexis Clark’s Crocs.

  • For Avery Smith, collecting Jibbitz is a traditional practice with sentimental value. “Every time we go to visit my grandparents we get one in Branson [,Missouri],” Smith said.

  • Avery Smith’s Crocs.

  • Karen Espinosa’s Jibbitz are a conversation starter, she said. “A lot of people, mostly Hispanic girls, have come up to me asking about the Bad Bunny [Jibbitz],” Espinosa said. “I guess he’s a really big artist in the Latin culture.”

  • Karen Espinosa’s Crocs.

  • Jibbitz allow Presley Ford to show off her interests. They “represent the movies and shows that I watch,” Ford said. Her Crocs feature some of her favorite characters, including Baymax from ‘Big Hero 6’. “[Jibbitz] just add some touch to your Crocs.”

The Quirkiest Crocs?

The high school halls are a world where self-expression and individuality can be highly valued, these quirky Crocs offer  the chance to stand out and make a statement without saying a word.

Take a look at some of Crocs more quirky, more out of this world, fun designs.

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