Round Three Update: NCHS’ Favorite Teacher – March Madness

Inkspot Staff
The round three bracket of the NCHS Teacher Tournament.

When round two of the inaugural NCHS’ Favorite Teacher competition closed, the pool was again cut in half – leaving only 4 teachers from each of the core departments standing.

The matchup between Social Studies’ Mr. Dave Witzig and Mr. Kevin Shackley ended in a tie. Round one votes were added to the teacher’s round two scores as the tie-breaker – advancing Shackley on.

Ms. Tara Pendleton of the Business department is the only remaining competitor from outside of the core four departments.

Mr. Kelly Keogh looks to be a competition front runner, gaining the most overall votes in both round one and two.

View the results of round two voting below and click the link to cast your round three votes, determining Community’s top teacher.


Feeney, D. d. Scott

Konopasek d. Baez

Runyon d. Vernon

Bovenkerk d. Krogmeier


Endsley d. Lawrence

Feeney, A. d. Florido

Bergmann, L. d. Gotschall

Gibbens d. Perez


Roller d. Bergmann, J.

Barnes d. Peters

Pendleton d. Swanson

Christopherson d. Sutherland

Social Studies

Keogh d. Suess

Shackley d. Witzig, D.

Lawler d. Robinson

Hawkins d. Hagler