Block scheduling fosters in-depth learning

November 7, 2017

49 minutes. 49 minutes to take attendance. Settle the class down. Collect homework. Pass out worksheets. Begin a group discussion. Separate the students into groups. Shuffle the desks around. Log in to the computers. Pack everything back up. All this in 49 minutes. Cramming all of this-not to mention the teaching itself-into a 49-minute class peri...

Teachers need to provide meaningful feedback on large scale assignments, putting in the same effort they require of their students.

An F for effort

March 24, 2017

Think about your favorite high school teacher of all time. What is that teacher like? Chances are, that teacher went the extra mile. They spent more time to explain something you didn’t understand, they were a shoulder to lean on when you were having a hard time, or they just treated you like an intelligent person. Now, picture the worst high sch...

Unit 5's over-population issue

Unit 5’s over-population issue

March 16, 2017

A monotone bell rings, echoing across the empty halls. Suddenly, doors fling open, and the decibel level rises as students pour from every door. Yells between students rise like fog over a bay in the morning, each one trying to overpower the other. They pierce the madness like a foghorn, telling of how badly someone failed a test, or how much PE sucked t...

A la carte items feeding obesity epidemic

A la carte items feeding obesity epidemic

February 23, 2017

First course is whisked out: raw beets in vinaigrette. Next comes the braised salmon with lentils and leeks. To top off the meal, some Brie or Maroilles are served as part of the cheese course. This sounds like a five-star restaurant in the Hamptons, but it’s not. The setting of this fine dining experience is a middle school in Challans, France. ...

A Unit 5 bus waits after school to pick up students on Mon., Sept. 12. Despite owning its own buses, the district outsources the management of them to First Student.

Uproar over new busing system

September 14, 2016

Every new school year brings changes, some larger than others. But the 2016-2017 school year brought the largest change of my 12 years in Unit 5. This school year has brought new start times which resulted in the new busing system. The question is - is this busing change an actual improvement? Unit 5’s transportation changes play a strong role in t...

Tackling the tampon tax

Tackling the tampon tax

March 29, 2016

Deodorant, tampons, mouthwash, lotion. All four of these items are personal hygiene items, but yet only one of them is completely necessary to the health of individuals. The United Nations declared menstrual hygiene a “public health and human rights issue” in 2013. American people with vaginas are being taxed for feminine products that they don’t ha...

Matt Damon in

Is this a joke? Misclassifying comedies

March 16, 2016

When I think of a film that should be categorized as a comedy I think of The Wolf of Wall Street or Little Miss Sunshine.  Comedy, as a way of presenting an idea through a lighthearted or over the top fashion,  can even be more successful than dramas at times.  In the past 10 years of award shows, a very small amount of non-traditional, comedic films ...

The American Imagination

The American Imagination

February 23, 2016

Whether it be a melting pot, salad bowl, or mosaic of cultures and ethnicities, America has been the grand home of hope for the “huddled masses” flocking to its shores since the colonial days. Inside American borders, the American Dream, the promise of happiness and better lives to countless immigrants, an idea that has continued for hundreds of y...

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