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Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


Whatever you are interested in, we've got it covered.


The Inkspot endorses the referendum on Nov. 8s ballot. Vote yes, vote for students futures.

Staff Opinion: Inkspot endorses Unit 5 referendum

Inkspot Editorial Board
Nov 5, 2022

The Inkspot staff strongly endorses the Unit 5 tax referendum, firmly believing it is every citizen’s civic duty to vote yes. If passed, the referendum would increase Unit 5’s Education Fund tax rate while simultaneously lowering the district’s overall tax rate -- saving taxpayers money and...

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Link between Wild Kratts, communism [video]

Link between ‘Wild Kratts’, communism [video]

Nayonika Banerjee, Senior Staff Reporter
Sep 16, 2021

When you think about the overlap between communism and animals, there is only one obvious answer: "Animal Fa-," no... "Wild Kratts". Learn more about the link between communism and "Wild Kratts" in the video essay below. 

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The Unit 5 District Office was closed Monday, August 31 for a deep cleaning before reopening on Tuesday.

“Challenge the status quo”: Unit 5 Board of Education needs student advisor [opinion]

Jonah Kramer, Sports Editor
Apr 10, 2021

Democracy, representation, and self-government are timeless American ideals. These are principles that have fueled some of our country's proudest moments -- the colonies declaring their independence; the ratification of the 15th Amendment, securing voting rights for African American men; passing the...

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Joe Biden is a healer, a uniter, a tested, and steady hand. A person whose own experience of loss gives him a sense of purpose that will help us, as a nation, reclaim our own sense of purpose.

Opinion: It’s a beautiful day in America

Charlotte Calmes, Editor-in-Chief
Nov 8, 2020

Four years of racism. Of sexism. Four years of every -ism imaginable. Four years of irresponsibility. Of lies. Four years of inadequate leadership. Four years of the compromising all moral decency. For four years, President Donald Trump has served as a grand humiliation of what the United...

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The American flag stands outside the doors of NCHS. The stars and stripes are symbolic of the democratic ideals that are fading today.

Opinion: Cry for unity

Nation needs to start listening, start compromising
Evie Snoeyink, Editor in Chief
Nov 20, 2018

When George Washington left office he warned Americans of the dangers of political parties. But now, as a country, we still find ourselves running to them and are facing all the ramifications Washington predicted.   It's time for our nation to stop dividing and start unifying. America has become...

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The gif above illustrates the different  scheduling configurations possible with an alternative model.

Block scheduling fosters in-depth learning

Melissa Schill, Editor in Chief
Nov 7, 2017

49 minutes. 49 minutes to take attendance. Settle the class down. Collect homework. Pass out worksheets. Begin a group discussion. Separate the students into groups. Shuffle the desks around. Log in to the computers. Pack everything back up. All this in 49 minutes. Cramming all of this-not to mention...

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Teachers need to provide meaningful feedback on large scale assignments, putting in the same effort they require of their students.

An F for effort

The role of teachers in the school
Ashleigh Brady, Managing Editor
Mar 24, 2017

Think about your favorite high school teacher of all time. What is that teacher like? Chances are, that teacher went the extra mile. They spent more time to explain something you didn’t understand, they were a shoulder to lean on when you were having a hard time, or they just treated you like an intelligent...

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Unit 5s over-population issue

Unit 5’s over-population issue

Sam Scheltens, Staff Reporter
Mar 16, 2017

A monotone bell rings, echoing across the empty halls. Suddenly, doors fling open, and the decibel level rises as students pour from every door. Yells between students rise like fog over a bay in the morning, each one trying to overpower the other. They pierce the madness like a foghorn, telling of how...

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Opinion: Why you should care:  The impact of current events on the high school life

Opinion: Why you should care: The impact of current events on the high school life

Hayley Metz, Staff Reporter
Mar 9, 2017

We live in an age where information is readily available, through our phones, laptops, and televisions, so much so that our phones buzz when a big news story is released, we see pictures from people living halfway around the world, and Google can give an answer in less than a second. When it comes...

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A la carte items feeding obesity epidemic

A la carte items feeding obesity epidemic

Melissa Schill, Editor in Chief
Feb 23, 2017

First course is whisked out: raw beets in vinaigrette. Next comes the braised salmon with lentils and leeks. To top off the meal, some Brie or Maroilles are served as part of the cheese course. This sounds like a five-star restaurant in the Hamptons, but it’s not. The setting of this fine dining experience...

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A Unit 5 bus waits after school to pick up students on Mon., Sept. 12. Despite owning its own buses, the district outsources the management of them to First Student.

Uproar over new busing system

Becca Merrill, Associate Editor
Sep 14, 2016

Every new school year brings changes, some larger than others. But the 2016-2017 school year brought the largest change of my 12 years in Unit 5. This school year has brought new start times which resulted in the new busing system. The question is - is this busing change an actual improvement? Unit...

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Tackling the tampon tax

Tackling the tampon tax

Taylor Railey, Staff Reporter
Mar 29, 2016

Deodorant, tampons, mouthwash, lotion. All four of these items are personal hygiene items, but yet only one of them is completely necessary to the health of individuals. The United Nations declared menstrual hygiene a “public health and human rights issue” in 2013. American people with vaginas...

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Opinion: School start times

Opinion: School start times

Melissa Schill and Rachel Leman
Mar 20, 2016

The Unit 5 School Board unanimously approved changes to school hours for the 2016-2017 school year during a special session on March 16. The approved school hours for next year are: Elementary Schools: 7:45 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. High Schools:  8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Junior High Schools:  8:45...

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Matt Damon in The Martian. (Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox/TNS)

Is this a joke? Misclassifying comedies

Kate Muellemans, Staff Reporter
Mar 16, 2016

When I think of a film that should be categorized as a comedy I think of The Wolf of Wall Street or Little Miss Sunshine.  Comedy, as a way of presenting an idea through a lighthearted or over the top fashion,  can even be more successful than dramas at times.  In the past 10 years of award shows,...

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Rachel Leman investigates the shifting definition of the American dream.

The American Imagination

Investigating the American Dream
Rachel Leman, Staff Reporter
Feb 23, 2016

Whether it be a melting pot, salad bowl, or mosaic of cultures and ethnicities, America has been the grand home of hope for the “huddled masses” flocking to its shores since the colonial days. Inside American borders, the American Dream, the promise of happiness and better lives to countless immigrants,...

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