Drew Farmer

Despite not being the worst shake I’ve ever tasted, the Shamrock Shake is severely overrated. The “Cult-like” following surrounding the limited edition item is largely undeserved in this reporter’s opinion.
The shake tastes all too much like a fresh tube of Crest.
Its only redeeming features are the shake’s texture and the presentation. The mint-green gradient and whipped cream lure the customer into thinking they are in for a treat, just to be let down by the toothpaste-esque flavor.
Our team visited three McDonald’s locations with allegedly “broken” machinery. Is this an effort to create the illusion of scarcity? To create a false sense of demand?
We were able to finally order shakes at a fourth franchise, paying a hefty $2.69 for each — money that would have been much better spent on a Big Mac or a classic chocolate shake.
Overall, the Shamrock Shake is a lot like a rainbow with no pot of gold at the end. I had high hopes — and was highly disappointed.