Lacking variety

Ari Leff, also known as Lauv, has created a unique fusion of electronic and pop music. With the release of “I Like Me Better” in May of 2017, Lauv’s uncommon synthesis of genres has taken the pop charts by storm.

Ari Leff has been releasing pop and EDM music under the artist name Lauv since 2015. Lauv’s debut came as a single titled “The Other” and generated over 100 million streams on Spotify. “I Like Me Better” is Lauv’s most popular song with over 200 million streams and reaching into the top 30 of the global chart.

“I Like Me Better” has both pop and electronic elements incorporated throughout, combining synth chords, upbeat drums, and simple vocal harmonies. The lyrics in “I Like Me Better” paint a picture of a young couple in love in New York City. Initial impressions give the listener a happy and sanguine feeling due to the lighthearted nature of the song. While the first impressions of “I Like Me Better” are positive, the song does not get any better with repeated listening. “I Like Me Better” gets especially boring very quickly. Due to the song’s simplistic nature and consisting of only 3 parts being repeated throughout, there isn’t much to look forward to. Although there is a unique mix of pop and electronic elements, “I Like Me Better” ultimately falls short of providing the listener with any true substance. This leaves “I Like Me Better” sounding noticeably generic and insipid.

“I Like Me Better” was released as a single on May 19, 2017. The song made its official debut on the US Billboard Hot 100 ranked 96 for the issue dated February 24, 2018. “I Like Me Better” has since made it as high as 72 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The single can be found on major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.

While “I Like Me Better” incorporates a unique combination of electronic and pop elements, the song ultimately lacks true originality. The lyrics are uplifting in nature, but they do not vary much from the common love song theme. Where the lyrics lack originality, the instrumentation makes up for it. The combination of synth chords and upbeat drums makes for a unique and different sound that is uncommon in today’s music. Although the combination of styles is unique, the song is missing any kind of progression or evolution. “I Like Me Better” has its shortfalls, but Lauv incorporates the unique style of electronic pop well throughout. Overall, “I Like Me Better” deserves a C rating because it contains a unique style that is incorporated smoothly, but lacks the substance and progression of a true masterpiece and gets monotonous over time.