About the Inkspot

With the world’s technology continuing to advance, the NCHS Inkspot is continuing on with its online news for the second year in a row.  Not only is this a quicker way for Normal Community to spread important news, but it is also a way to share information about the school with anyone who has Internet access.

The Inkspot contains school, local, national, and global news while still keeping its focus on NCHS and its students and staff.

The Inkspot attempts to leave reader’s feeling informed on the latest news because of the continuous updates while still creating a fun atmosphere.  The Inkspot gets students involved by taking in submissions for many different subjects.  Students can submit captions for the “Photo Caption Contest”, art for the “Artspot” and can share their opinions by answering polls.

More information on how to submit can be accessed by clicking the links at the top of the Inkspot webpage.  If students want to be a part of the Inkspot, but aren’t directly involved in the journalism class, the option of contributing to the site is still available.  There is a “submit an idea” button at the top of the webpage where students are more than welcome to share ideas.

Specific events on the Inkspot can be found by using keywords in the search bar on the webpage, or through the calendar (if searching by date is more desirable).

More information on who is sharing the news stories through the Inkspot can be found under the “staff” tab.  A photograph of each Journalism student is available along with a short bio on each journalist.  Stories written by the staff member selected pop up with their information.

The Inkspot is always searching for new ideas.  The newspaper is always available at nchsinkspot.com, but can also be accessed through the free NCHS Inkspot smartphone application.