Changes in Cloud 9


After Mrs. Robinson’s retirement, Cloud 9 was in need of a new director. That new director is Laurel Beard who lives and breathes music. But she is not the only change in the female acapella group. One of the members, Jordan Shelton (10), will be moving to Washington.

With that being said, the group will be holding auditions to fill her spot. Freshmen are not allowed to try out and involvement in choir is required.  These auditions will be held the week after the fall concert which is October 7th. The dates for auditions are October 15th and 16th. Laurel will be handling the auditions on Tuesday to narrow down the choices and Wednesday will be in front/with the remaining eight girls. Music for auditions will be out soon in the choir room.

If you need anymore information, check the Cloud 9 Facebook page or Twitter (@NCHSCloud9).