Whitney Russo
Whitney is s Senior at NCHS and has spent her years at the school proudly singing in choir. This will be her first year as a staff reporter on the Inkspot.

The best Advice I Could Give Someone:

Never tolerate anyone treat you as anything less than amazing; because you truly are amazing.

Something I Love:

I really love Youtube and know that a lot of good can come out of platforms on the website.

People Who Inspire Me:

People like Tyler Oakley and Markiplier on Youtube really inspire me to love myself and help people in the tough times that they might be going through in their lives. Whether you help them directly by talking to them about their problems or donating to a charity, helping people is my passion and these are just two examples of people who do a lot of good for society.

My All-Time Dream:

I really want to become a Youtuber and dedicate my life to building a safe and loving community that helps people build their self-esteem, fights oppression, and comes together to help the less fortunate in the world.

Whitney Russo, Staff Reporter

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Whitney Russo