Amir Muhammad

Amir Muhammad is a senior at Normal Community High School.  He has been apart of the Inkspot for three years, and  has enjoyed every minute of it.Last year he worked for the Features Desk which covers entertainment and art at Normal Community High School  and abroad. He also a member of Film Club.

Things I Like 

I enjoys writing screenplays and mini stories for a future film or when I'm bored and write in journal when he has free time.I also enjoy The Elder Scroll games. Finally I love Oreos and vanilla ice cream.

Hidden Talents

I can play piano, guitar, and violin all by ear. I started when I was about ten. I can play almost anything with a little practice. Just recently I have almost mastered the score to Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel entitled "Arcade"

All time dream

My all time dream is to become a famous Filmmaker, preferably within the next five years. With that I want to establish my own film studio in the future. Also if the characters and worlds in my films are popular among audiences, then I will create a Theme park.


Amir Muhammad, Feature Editor

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Amir Muhammad