Photo Gallery: IHSA State Dance Competition

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  • The NCHS dance team walks out onto the stage at the IHSA State dance competition

  • Kendall McPherson

  • The dance team performed a lyrical dance to “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” by Danny Gokey

  • Arden Hayek, Ellie Walker and Simone Price perform an arabesque

  • Carly Fisher, Grace Degenhart, Shae Simmons, Haleigh Hafner, Simone Price, Ellie Walker and Emersyn Rainwater

  • Ellie Walker, Morgan Kline, Kendall McPherson, Arden Hayek, Haleigh Hafner, Carly Fisher, Simone Price and Shae Simmons

  • Arden Hayek and Carly Fisher perform a tilt jump

  • Kendall McPherson, Morgan Kline and Arden Hayek

  • Haleigh Hafner, Arden Hayek, Emersyn Rainwater, Shae Simmons, Kendall MacMillan and Paige Lenz

  • Natalie Starkey, Emma Meyers, Ellie Walker, Morgan Kline, Grace Degenhart and Kendall McPherson

  • Morgan Kline is lifted into the air by Emma Meyers, Kendall McPherson, Ellie Walker, Natalie Starkey and Grace Degenhart

  • Simone Price, Casey Kendle, Emersyn Rainwater, Jessica Behrens and Paige Lenz

  • Emma Meyers

  • Emma Meyers, Ellie Walker and Arden Hayek perform the splits

  • Arden Hayek is lifted into the air by Ellie Walker, Jessica Behrens, Natalie Starkey and Haleigh Hafner

  • Arden Hayek at the end of the teams dance routine

  • Front row: L-R: Kendall MacMillan, Grace Degenhart, Simone Price, Emersyn Rainwater, Casey Kendle. Second row: Arden Hayek, Morgan Kline, Shae Simmons, Haleigh Hafner, Jessica Behrens, Carly Fisher. Back row: Coach Mindy Ewalt, Natalie Starkey, Paige Lenz, Ellie Walker, Kendall McPherson, Emma Meyers