Print Edition Extra Feature: A (closer) look at non-traditional sports

The special 70th anniversary print edition of the Inkspot includes a story about “5” non-traditional sports. A close reader may have noticed that it only included four of those sports. Take a look at the online exclusive fifth sport here. Then stay to see some videos of all four awesome sleeper sports covered in the print edition.


Unicycle Basketball

The rules of this unicycle basketball are nearly identical to basketball, with just a couple differences. The main being – the unicycle.

Athletes can be called for traveling, with one revolution of the unicycle wheel counting as two steps. This means that athletes not only have to keep themselves balanced, they have to do so while remaining relatively stationary. The excitement comes from the elimination of the critical skill of jumping and the addition of the single wheeled cycle.

This sport has been growing in popularity on college campuses on the west coast like UC Berkeley and Stanford.




Ice Cross Downhill

World Chase Tag


Bike Polo