Lady Iron takes W out of West

Everyone in the stands, Ironman or Wildcat, held their breath as the Lady Iron served on game point. It had been a long night full of cheering, groaning and the typical edge-of-your-seat excitement; this was the moment for the Lady Iron to clinch the victory. The ball launched over the net, West returned it, and seconds later it was over.  Senior hitter Rachel Maguire slammed the ball onto West’s side of the court and secured the victory.

The varsity volleyball team secured the title of co-conference champs with Bloomington High School after winning a 3 match game on Tuesday, Oct. 18.

The teams were within two points of each other for most of the matches. Of the 54 cumulative points scored in the first match, 28 of them resulted in the score being within two points of each other. 46 of the 52 in the second match were within two points of each other, and the last match’s ratio was 34 to 42. The tension was palpable through the whole night.

Any victory against rival West is cause to celebrate, but for some, it meant more.

“For me as well as the other seniors, it was our last conference game,” said senior middle blocker Kendall Sosa. “We wanted to get the win.”

It was not an easy achievement either. After winning the first match 28-26, the Iron lost the second 27-25. The team had to leave it all on the court and rally for a 25-17 third match.

“I think we could have played better and handled the match in 2 sets,” commented junior libero Peyton Kelley.

No matter how close the game was, the Lady Iron are proud of their victory.

“We fought hard at the end and gutted it out which is great,” Sosa continued.

With homecoming week in full swing, the Lady Iron brought it home for their fans.