Novak Djokovic kicks tennis ball in Australian Open

Tennis star Novak Djokovic is not one who is famous for his explosive temper.  However, on January 27th, he surprised the Australian crowd by kicking a tennis ball out of frustration just seconds after loosing an intense point.

Djokovic was playing Andy Murray in the finals of the Australian Open when he booted the ball across the stadium.  After losing a 16-shot rally by missing a routine forehand long, he reared his left foot back and gave the ball the ride of its life, as well as giving a lucky fan a souvenir.  And what a kick it was.  The ball was measured to have gone a distance of 95 feet.  Although no point penalty was enforced, the following embarrassment was more than enough to ensure Novak didn’t repeat his actions.  Immediately after kicking the ball, he turned around and hung his head low as the crowd gasped in shock.

Djokovic would go on to win that match; crowning him the Australian Open champion for the third consecutive year.

Anyone wishing to watch the kick can do so by clicking the following link: