Sports Beans


Jelly Belly created Sports Beans for athletes everywhere. Sports Beans are jellybeans that give athletes a quick boost of energy. The four main flavors are: Berry, Fruit Punch, Orange, and Lemon Lime. There is an assorted flavor pack that includes all four flavors. Along with these four basic flavors, there are two Extreme flavors: Cherry and Watermelon.

Sports Beans have carbohydrates, electrolytes, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, and vitamin C. The carbs help keep your body running while exercising. Electrolytes help maintain fluid balance in your body which is important because it will allow the kidneys to function properly. The Vitamin B’s will help burn carbohydrates and fat. Vitamin C is going to help protect your muscles from lactic acid build up. The Extreme Sports Beans have all of these great benefits with the addition of caffeine for even more energy.

When asked if sports beans made a difference in her performance, Lauren Oostman(10) answered, “They definitely worked for me! They helped me swim better at meets when I would use them.” Oostman swims for the Lady Iron and also swims for Waves year-round.

Sometimes athletes forget to eat before or during games, meets, and any other physical activity. These beans act as a quick snack and an energy boost. So if you aren’t motivated and are feeling rather hungry, make sure you try Sports Beans.