How to reduce soreness

Child Lifting WeightsCoaches push athletes everyday to do their best. But are they pushing too hard? Athletes are always saying that they are sore and tired. While coaches are looking for this outcome, being sore is not always the best thing. But since we can’t change the coaches’ minds, here are some tips from Ben Greenfield, a fitness and triathlon expert and host of the Get-Fit Guy podcaston how to reduce that soreness.
Before you work out, make sure that you stretch. It’s also important to warm up before working out. For example, if you are going to run on a treadmill, walk for a minute or two. This will help your muscles to become even more stretched out along with the stationary stretches
While working out, it is crucial to remain hydrated. Those working out should drink a 20-24-ounce bottle of water for every hour you work out. Being dehydrated will not help you recover properly. It is better to stay hydrated regardless because it keeps you healthy.
A cool down will also help reduce soreness. After cooling down, you should stretch again. Since the muscles are warmed up, they are much easier to stretch. So, not only will stretching help lessen your soreness, but it will also better your flexibility. Your muscles will be relaxed after this and you will leave the gym feeling much better.
There is a two-hour window after a work out to replace the calories you burned off. The food that is eaten in those two hours will give you energy and act as a fuel for muscle repair. Some snacks that are beneficial to the repair are protein shakes, bananas, peanut butter, crackers, yogurt, berries, and hummus.
Another thing to try are ice packs and heating pads. Ice packs reduce the blood flow to the area that is sore or in pain. The lack of blood flow causes a numbness that decreases swelling and inflammation. After icing, you should use a heating pad. The heat will increase the blood flow to that area which allows the healing process to speed up. Icy Hot is an effective way to relieve the pain of the sore muscle.
If you try these things, your soreness should be reduced.  But make sure to always take one day off from working out during the week. You shouldn’t push yourself too hard. The day off will give your muscles a nice rest.