Wildcats’ fans going wild

If you’re a Kentucky Wildcat basketball fan, you should start saying your prayers.  Their mediocre record has their fans weeping in sorrow.  Coach John Calipari said, “Whoever has Kentucky ranked in their top five in the preseason poll needed to be drug tested.”  Nobody is disagreeing with him now, according to USA Today.

Coach Calipari’s Wildcats 10 wins and 5 losses are nowhere close in comparison to last year’s team who coasted their way to a National Championship game.  The worst loss for the University of Kentucky had to be their 83-71 loss to Texas A&M. This occurred at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky where the Wildcats have 486 wins and only 62 losses all time.  Rupp Arena is traditionally one of the toughest places to play in the country so it is a wonder why “Big Blue Nation” couldn’t win.

Kentucky shouldn’t be having a problem winning games because they are known for having the best recruiting classes for basketball for the past couple of years.  Unlike past teams Coach Calipari has coached to success, this Kentucky team is not living up to the hype Kentucky basketball has for its players.

The University of Kentucky, usually overestimated, still has a chance to make the lovely dance in March. Even though chances are slim, it still is possible.  With the SEC being a lackluster conference in basketball, their chances of hopping up in the national ranking is pint size.  The only competition left for the Wildcats is when they play Missouri and Florida.  Then they have to endure the wrath of being able to win the Southeastern Conference.

Kentucky’s chance of still reaching the NCAA Tournament is still possible.  Work needs to be done with their remaining schedule and the team chemistry, and that is clearly evident.  These freshmen need to start off with a clean slate in order to get the job done, and to get Kentucky back on the right path of being known for being one of the best schools in college basketball.