Scared Hitless wins intramural volleyball championship

After almost 2 months of intramural volleyball play, a champion was crowned. Scared Hitless overcame Semi-Pro on December 12th in an intense three set match with a score of 20-25(L), 25-21(W), 15-10(W).

Although Semi-Pro had more volleyball experience than their opponent, Scared Hitless still came out on top. Semi-Pro had multiple players who are on the Illini Elite volleyball team. Illini Elite is one of Illinois’s most competitive and intense volleyball programs in the state. Those who make the team are considered to be the best of the best.

Scared Hitless, on the other hand, does not have any players who are apart of Illini Elite, or any other organized volleyball program. Their only previous volleyball experience was obtained last summer while playing as part of a State Farm intramural team. Because of this, Scared Hitless was considered the underdog. However, all members of the team are seniors. However, with the exception of senior Andrew Shoop, Semi-Pro is made up entirely of sophomores.

Regardless of whatever volleyball experience they may have had or their age, every player gave it their all. The scoreboard proved that; as all three sets were very close.

The winning team consisted of seniors Adam Bates, Michael Lewis, Jake Rolfs, Brendan Beggs, Austin Bange, Michael Nicklas, Wes Trunk, and Lance Bergmann. Although none of these players have any formal volleyball experience, they are all athletes. Bates and Bange played varsity soccer for NCHS; Lewis, Rolfs, Trunk, and Beggs either currently play or have played baseball for NCHS; Bergmann and Nicklas both are on the NCHS varsity swim team.