Once again the BCS is questioned

There will be questions surrounding college football for another year. The Bowl Championship System, or BCS, has been under a lot criticism from the general public the last few years. The BCS creates five bowl games at the end of the season for the teams in the BCS rankings.  It ranks teams mostly on computer methods and a few other polls; Therefore it cannot factor in the human view of teams. If a highly ranked team lost due to an error on the part of the official, the BCS wouldn’t acknowledge that, and they would fall in the rankings and would most likely not have a chance to play for a national championship. There have been talks of a playoff system and the NCAA and BCS are looking to move in that direction.

The five bowl games in the BCS are the National Championship, Rose, Orange , Sugar,  and Fiesta Bowls. For certain bowls, the champions of major conferences get an automatic qualifying bid. There are complaints about who the BCS picks to be on the bowls. This year Northern Illinois received an at-large bid, meaning they did not win a major conference championship to get an automatic bid, there were at the brunt of much controversy. Teams from major conferences are ranked closely to Northern, but NIU ultimately got the bid because they finished the season strong and had a record of 12-1. This shows that a playoff would benefit college football because fans will get to see the absolute best teams in a playoff. Northern Illinois has a good record and have proven to be a good football team for the competition they have played against.

College football will benefit from a playoff system because it will give teams the best chance to win a championship. Division two has a playoff system and it works very well for them. In 2014, they have proposed a 4-team playoff to see how well it works. As of now, the playoffs can’t come soon enough.