Lady Iron basketball falls short against Central Catholic

Abby Bender (12) sets up a play as point guard

The Lady Iron basketball team once again fell short at their game against the Central Catholic Saints.  The Saints came out on top with a score of 67-22.  The Saints’ defense was clearly their strong point.  They were using full court press (defense from baseline to baseline, versus letting them come to half court before applying pressure), which was problematic for NCHS.  Within the first five minutes of the game, the Saints forced three turnovers before the Ironmen were able to cross the half court line, all of which resulted in points for Central Catholic.

The Lady Iron’s first basket came when they were down 20-0, when Kendra Baber drained a long 2-point shot.  Those 2 points from Baber were the only points scored for NCHS in the first quarter.

The Saints also kept them scoreless for the majority of the second quarter.  The Lady Iron didn’t score again until 3:45 left in the half.  Central Catholic had more wide-open breakaways in the first half than the Ironmen had shots taken.

By the end of the first half, the score was 38-12, with Central Catholic in the lead.

The Lady Iron started off the second half with an intercepted pass from out of bounds, which was then scored by Central Catholic.  There seemed to be no shift in momentum from the first half at this point.  

However, NCHS started showing some signs of life in the middle of the third quarter when they forced three consecutive turnovers.  After those 3 turnovers, the Saints shut down the Lady Iron; allowing only 3 points in the 4th quarter.

NCHS will play next on Saturday, when they face the NCWHS Wildcats.  The game will be held in the NCHS gym at 6pm.