The new classic Oreo

Has the day arrived for a new cookie to usurp the Oreo throne? Three cookie flavors, Lemon, Birthday Cake, and the Classic Oreo, were put up to the test to decide if it is time the term “classic” was redefined. The conclusion? Don’t underestimate a rookie cookie.

First up was the Birthday Cake Oreo, a supposed “party” in a cookie. But when it comes down to it, there’s not much to distinguish it from a dry, crunchy knock-off of a cupcake. It’s the closest cousin to the Classic Oreo in appearance, with a rainbow pockmarked cream, but it smells like a bakery that had a vanilla extract accident. But if you’ve been looking for Betty Crocker in a new incarnation, this multi-colored speckled contender is the go-to.

The Lemon Oreo was the surprise rookie out of left field. At first glance it looks like a Golden Oreo that got infused with a little too much ‘golden,’ but it’s scent is warm and fruity. If Oreo ever decides to break into homeware, they may have a successful candle line in the making.

It’s a more dense version of the Girl Scout Lemonades, with a soft middle instead of all over-baked shortbread. The $2.99 price of the Oreo sleeve compared to the $4.00-a-pop Girl Scout Lemonades is no small point either. Not to mention the Oreos are available year round, instead of just bought-and-gone in the span of a month.

And alas, the reigning champion rolls into the ring. Is the Classic Oreo, without its Double-Stuf or Mega-Stuf belts on, strong enough to hold onto its crown?

Now, here, there may exist some bias. The Classic Oreo has been an unwavering presence at preschool juice breaks to grown-up midnight snacking. That familiar blue packaging is almost permanently glued on our pantry shelves. But I, for one, have grown tired of the crumbly cookie. Its cream filled center is barely identifiable in the chocolatey paste your mouth mashes the cookie into. Too much of a good thing, is, well, too much.

The results are in. A new classic has earned its way into the common pantry. The Lemon Oreo should be your next default summer afternoon snack.