Oreo review

Ranking (and eating) some of the Oreo options available at your local grocery store

Oreos have been a favorite snack in America since its introduction in 1912. New flavors have been released since, but none of them top the original Oreo.

1. The original Oreo is a perfect mix of chocolate and cream. It is the best version of Oreo to break apart and eat separately.

2. The double stuff cookie is features one chocolate outside and one vanilla outside. Together, they are a great combination. When it is broken apart, however, the different flavors become irrelevant.

3. I had high hopes for the Spring cookie. But taking the original cookie and coloring it yellow did not impress me.

4. The Vanilla Birthday Cake was my favorite of the “unique” flavors. Meaning the Birthday Cake tried to create its own flavor, not just re-packaging the original. The vanilla outside mixed well with the unique cream.

5. The Golden Oreo turned out to be what I thought it would be. The original with vanilla outsides.

6. The Chocolate Birthday Cake used the “Birthday Cake” cream with chocolate outsides. The chocolate outsides do not mix with the cream as well as the vanilla outsides did, but the cookie worked well.

7. I have never held the Mint Oreo in high esteem. The mint just never seems to mix well with the chocolate.

8. I’ll be honest. I’ve never been a fan of lemons. So the Lemon Oreo will have to be at the bottom of this list.

There is a reason almost everybody eats Oreos. Their unique flavor is fantastic. No matter what you do to it, Oreos will almost always be great.