Things seniors still do not know after four years of high school

During my past four years of high school, I have learned many things that I will take with me as I complete my future endeavors. However looking back now, I have come to realize that there are multiple things that I’m sure many seniors still do not know. Although this list is a silly one, I would like to know the answers before completing high school.

  1. The value of x.
  2. What the lunch meat is made of?
  3. What a student has to do to qualify to get the “cool” student parking spot?
  4. Why we have to pay $60 every year for a parking permit (the price is ridiculous)?
  5. If and when I will ever use the Pythagorean theorem in actual life.
  6. Why the mile or any fitness testing is important?
  7. What are we supposed to get out of research papers?
  8. Why school starts so early?
  9. Why it takes two hours to get out of the student parking lot (or seems to take that long)?
  10.  Why does the temperatures in the building reach extreme levels (it’s either way too cold or and oven in here)?