Students taking advantage of IMC

During lunch hours, there are two types of students: those who socialize and those who don’t. For those who choose not to catch up with friends in the cafeteria, it is a constant battle to find a quiet space to study, read, or just sit and clear their mind for a bit.

This year, our school has graciously given us the ASC, offering a place to study and even teacher resources to help us when we are lost. However, this atmosphere is not as quiet and peaceful as some students would like. The next best option then is the IMC. Even though there is usually a class working on the computers, the general atmosphere is calm and quiet.

At least, that’s what it should be. As I have spent more time in the IMC during lunch, I have noticed more and more lunch students wandering into the IMC, bringing their loud conversations with them. In response, the IMC specialists frequently have to tell these hooligans to quiet down. Often, these loud-mouthed teens quietly murmur rude retorts under their breath (and sometimes, not so quietly).

The IMC specialists have been patient with us and still allow us to return day after day. However, each hour ends like the one before: a battle of scolding and dismissal of authority. By ignoring such a simple rule, we’re not only reiterating the stereotype that teenagers are rude and inconsiderate, but also testing the patience of those who allow us to use the IMC.

We need to wake up and acknowledge how generous the staff is being in allowing us to use the IMC as a quiet escape. It’s time that we show some respect and appreciation for this gesture, and quiet down. Use the library for its intended purpose of work and reading. Above all, remember what we’ve been taught since first grade: inside voices!