Crushing the Administration

As much as we would like to avoid adults in school, there is no denying that any decision made by these (chills) authority figures affects our lives here at NCHS.  The truth of the matter is, the student body has a voice but the administration always has the last say.  It is important to each and every one of us that we are represented to the district and led by a group of people who are open to hear our voices and capable of empathizing with students. The new administration, made up of Principal David Bollmann, Associate Principal Nicole Mauer, and Assistant Principals Anthony Clark, Josh Fabish, and Dennis Larson, has provided students and teachers alike with a breath of fresh air, or a new leaf turned if you will.

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Important decisions made by this board of individuals are what brought back age old traditions to the school, including the homecoming day festivities, powder puff, and the possibility of a senior trip.  Alongside these new traditions are new rules that have been adopted by our school to make it a happier and more pleasant environment, including the flexible iPod rules for the hallways.

The NCHS administration, however, doesn’t receive much credit for the care they put behind each decision they make. Afterall, it is not Unit 5 making the decisions, it’s our own team of leaders.

A degree of responsibility has been given back to the student body, and rightfully so.  We, as teenagers, constantly complain of the incessant nagging we endure, at home and sometimes within school walls. We can feel imprisoned in school, but through the flexibility and thoughtfulness of our administration, much of that has been alleviated.

It is important to remember that school rules are in place to keep us safe and help us learn. We need authority figures within our environment to enforce these rules, and we can’t complain much about them looking out for our well-being.  We have very little to complain about within our administration. They have shown an amazing amount of care when it comes to the student body, opening their doors to the strong opinions many of us hold. It was, indeed, a group of students who came to the administration with the idea of a new and improved Powder Puff game. It was also students who came to Mr. Bollmann about a senior trip and homecoming activities rather than the boring 35 minutes classes we usually endure. The administration is open to our ideas and wants to hear our voices.

Mr. Bollmann specifically has given the atmosphere a fun and upbeat tone, rewarding all students in a positive manner, and giving pep talks the last five minutes of 3rd hour once a week.  It is plain and simple: our principal cares about us.  Who else would buy a soda for every student and teacher in the building, or tape himself up on the wall for our after-prom?  The students of NCHS are lucky to have such compassionate leaders.

The new administration has given the school a facelift and sent this year’s graduating class of 2013 off on a positive note.  We should, as a student body, appreciate these authority figures that guide our high school career down a smooth and safe path.