High School Drama

High school drama.  Something that all students in this building are familiar with.  Some are involved in more than others, but one thing is for sure, everyone is bound to experience drama in one form or another before they finish high school.

Rumors, relationship problems, friend issues — all of these are ways that students experience drama.  Rumors spread like wildfire here are Normal Community High School.  There are so many things spread throughout the day students and teachers literally do not know who or what to believe at the end of the day.

Rumors can be very hurtful.  Bullying may sound like something we all talked about in junior high, but it is something that high schoolers have to face too.  Words can be harmful, untrue stories that have been told about people can really make an impact on their lives.

Too often, we don’t really consider other people’s feelings when we gossip about them or even just help to spread a rumor that has been made about them.  There is no way to know the truth unless you have heard it directly from the mouth it came from.  Therefore, as students at NCHS, there needs to be more care and concern for others and their feelings.